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What is Arti petroleum?

Arti Petroleum is an on-demand fuel delivery service just like your food delivery app. You can add your fuel requirement, location and we deliver your fuel at a scheduled time.

From where does Arti Petroleum source its fuel?

Our fuel is sourced directly from authorized government petroleum companies. We follow strict guidelines from the quality assurance program and the highest quality of every drop of fuel.

How can I schedule my future fuel requirement?

Our app will help you set a date and time of delivery. You can use that feature to schedule your requirement instead of an immediate one.

Which areas are being served by Arti petroleum right now?

We are currently serving almost all the locations of Bangalore. We will commence our service pan-India soon.

What are Arti Petroleum's operating hours?

We strive to deliver fuel between 7:00 am to 7:00 pm daily.

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